National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector
Government of India

Report on

Comprehensive Legislation for Minimum Conditions of Work and Social Security for Unorganised Workers

July, 2007


Ø      Introduction            

Ø      A review of the Principal Recommendations of Earlier Commissions                                 


Ø      Issue of Comprehensive Legislation for the Unorganised Non-agricultural and Agricultural Workers


Ø      Comprehensive Legislation for Regulation of Minimum Conditions of Work, Social Security and Welfare of  Agricultural and Non-agricultural Workers


Ø     Need for Separate Bills for Agricultural Workers and Non-agricultural Workers


Ø      Main Recommendations relating to Conditions of Work                                    


Ø      Provisions for Social Security                                                                          


Ø      Conclusions                                                                                                       




Ø      Agricultural Workers’ Conditions of Work And Social Security Bill, 2007               


Ø      Unorganised Non-Agricultural Workers’ Conditions of Work And Social Security Bill, 2007                                                                                




Appendix-1              Past and Present Composition of the Commission            


Appendix-2              Composition of the Advisory Board                                  


Appendix-3              Terms of Reference of the Commission